Specific Tax Planning and Advice

Despite claims from the government of tax simplification, the modern day taxation system continues to become more complex and increasingly the emphasis has been put on the individual taxpayer to ensure their affairs are structured in a tax efficient manner.

Mitchams specialise in providing specific tax advice to our clients aimed at reducing the amount of tax they pay. Whether it is one transaction or a part of an overall financial strategy, we will advise you of the most tax efficient way to proceed whilst avoiding any hidden pitfalls. The close relationships we build with our clients means we understand their needs and this is vital in ensuring the planning fits in with, rather than dictates, the overall objectives. In no way should you allow the tax planning tail to wag the financial dog.

We offer businesses and individuals a comprehensive service that will cover all direct and indirect taxes to achieve the maximum tax saving and benefit to our clients. Our expertise will identify any potential gains for you and/or your business, no matter how small. As well as advising on tax efficient strategies, we will also ensure you remain fully compliant with all relevant tax laws to give you peace of mind.

The interaction between the various taxes can often mean a saving achieved for one tax will increase the liability to another tax. It is therefore important that advice is taken prior to entering any transaction that may have tax implications.

We believe taxpayers should pay the right amount of tax only and not a penny more, which as qualified experienced Accountants we can help you achieve.

If you would like more information about how we can assist you with your tax planning and mitigation, please feel free to contact us for a free, non-committal initial meeting.

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